Feel free to call and ask us any questions you might have! But here are some helpful frequently asked questions that might help!

What type of MRI machine does your office have?

At Spectrum MRI we have a Siemens Magnetrom Espree  (High Field). Our machine is semi open with a short bore. If you want more information regarding our machine please give us a call.

What does the staff need to know about me?

Some information that is needed before your appointment: 

  • Complete medical history
  • Any foreign metal placed inside of the body such as pacemakers, aneurysm clips, heart valves, surgical staples, any type of implants, dentures, etc. 
  • If pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

If you have any type of foreign metal in your body please let your MRI tech know!!!

What will your MRI experience consist of?

Our well experienced MRI technician will complete a series of questions before starting the scan. Once the questionnaire is finished, they will have you remove all metal items including but not limited to: hair pins, jewelry, belts, keys, wallet, phone, etc.  For woman: if you are wearing a bra with under wiring you will have to take it off and wear a robe on top of your clothes.  After this, our technician will take you into the MRI room and position you on the scanner bed.  A blanket will be provided if needed. Depending on the type of study, a design coil may be needed.  After you have been positioned and prepped; we will give you a headset to listen to music for your comfort.  While the study runs, you will be able to speak to your MRI Technician at all times and you will be provided an Emergency button which will alert your technician to bring you out immediately.  

What is a design coil?

A design coil is a special antenna that gets placed on the specific body part to pick up signal with more clarity. For example a breast coil, wrist coil, knee coil, etc. 

How long will my MRI take?

All of our MRI’s consist of 30-45 minutes depending on the body part. Our MRI’s consist of several sequences which help us get very detailed images, therefore, our scans take longer than other facilities.  

What if i'm claustrophobic?

We have a semi open, short bore machine which accommodates most body types.  You can always bring someone to accompany you during the scan.  If you are extremely claustrophobic, we recommend getting a mild sedative from your physician prior to coming to your appointment. If you are going to take a mild sedative, please bring a driver or we will not perform the study.

When and how will I get my results?

Your scan will be read by a Specialized, Board Certified Radiologist to get the most accurate report.  A detailed report will be provided 2-5 business days after your MRI study.  Once we have received the final report, we will fax/email the results over to the referring physician.  Your physician will go over the results with you.  

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